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Pre-trial mediation is now mandatory in all Equitable Distribution actions filed in North Carolina. So what is mediation? It is a settlement conference in which all the parties and their counsel work with an impartial neutral (the mediator) to reach a voluntary resolution of the matters in controversy. Mediators receive extensive training and must be certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission as Family Financial Mediators or Superior Court Mediators.

In a traditional trial, a judge, jury or arbitrator decide the outcome of the dispute. Mediation offers litigants opportunity, motivation and guidance to agree voluntarily on the issues involved and thus control the outcome themselves. The parties decide if they want to accept a known result created by them. Cases that settle at mediation, or as result thereof, are less costly in both time and money. Of course, mediation does not work in all cases, and when it does not, the case proceeds to trial.

Family Financial Mediation

Edward S. ("Ted") Shapack has been certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission as a Family Financial Mediator since 2000 and he negotiated and mediated cases for many years before that. Ted has also been a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist since 1996. He has helped families with the important financial aspects of divorce since he began practicing family law in 1986.

Ted helps parties develop inventive, innovative and insightful resolutions by discovering and addressing the unique needs of the parties. He regularly drafts the settlement documents as part of the conference to bring closure sooner and to reduce costs. Ted strives to get consent orders entered following mediation whenever possible.

Benefits to His Clients

Ted's knowledge and experience as a mediator allows him to be a more effective advocate and counselor when representing his clients in the mediation process.

Pre-suit Mediation

Lawsuits become part of the of the public record, and increasingly, parties voluntarily choose pre-suit mediation to keep their disputes and resolutions private. Also, pre-suit mediation is often less costly and more speedy than traditional litigation. If a pre-suit mediated settlement conference is not successful, parties can then file a lawsuit.

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